In the wake of the Porterville Public Library Fire, the COVID-19 pandemic and the chaos that has happened after the killing of George Floyd, Porterville Fire Department Chaplain Steve Walker decided something needed to be done.

That something was a prayer meeting at 6 p.m Tuesday night in front of City Hall before the Porterville City Council’s regular meeting. About 70 people were there to pray for God’s guidance in this difficult times.

Walker said he was walking and praying on Tuesday morning and decided something needed to be done. He added he sent out an e-mail which led to the meeting

About 15 local pastors also attended the prayer meeting. Walker expressed his appreciation for law enforcement during the meeting.

“We love and thank them for what they do,” he said. “It’s not an easy job and right now it’s a lot harder.”

About the situation in the world today, Walker said, “God can use things that Satan is creating to accomplish great things.”

Among the pastors who spoke was Pastor Paulette Blaylock of Landmark Christian Center, who also talked about her hope during difficult times. “I believe we’re going to see great things,” she said.

A prayer walk was also held as part of the prayer meeting.

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