There are many items slated for discussion at Tuesday night’s Lindsay City Council meeting, including an update on retail cannabis.

At various past meetings, the Council has debated on the topic of allowing a retail cannabis business in to the city limits. Mayor Pamela Kimball has remained strongly opposed, Council members Laura Cortes and Brian Watson are unsure, and Council members Roseana Sanchez and Yolanda Flores strongly support the idea of bringing a retail cannabis business to Lindsay.

Public comment will be opened, and speakers who which to address the Council will have three minutes to speak. Public comment is the time in which the public may address the Council on issues under their jurisdiction, and the public is encouraged to step to the podium. A total of 30 minutes is allocated for the public comment portion.

The Council will move on to their reports after public comment is closed. Each Council member will be given the opportunity to report on any meetings, events, or activities they may have participated in over the last two weeks. 

These reports will be followed by similar reports from Ireland McCall, Lindsay High School’s student representative, and city staff.

The Council’s consent calendar is comprised of the following eight items: 1) approval of minutes from Feb. 26 Council meeting, 2) approval of warrant list for March 6, 3) approval of Treasurer’s report for Feb. 2019, 4) approval of Resolution 19-06, acceptance title of two governmental-purposes properties from the Successor Agency, 5) approval of Resolution 19-07, authorizing the Mayor to sign 2019 temporary 215 contract year water service contract No. 19-WC-20-5388 Friant Division, Central Valley Project, California, 6) approval of IRWM P&P task order, 7) Keller IRWM task order, and 8) approval of Proposition 1 Planning Grant (Environmental) Change Order.

The Council may approve these items in one motion unless a Council representative wishes to pull an item for further discussion.

After the consent calendar is either approved or denied, the Council will review a site plan for a labyrinth on the east side of City Hall, before discuss the request to advertise in the annual Orange Blossom Festival publication and at what level.

The Council will be asked to either approve or deny Resolution 19-08, which concerns the Friday Night market operations. After many previous conversations, the Council decided to open an application period for new possible market operators. On Tuesday night, the Council will be faced with the decision to either negotiate and execute a contract with Jimora Enterprises for the market’s future operations, or deny the presented resolution and leave the market without a contracted operator.

Director of City Services, Mike Camarena, will update the Council on the city’s street projects, before the Council moves to executive session. During the private executive session, Council will receive legal counsel regarding an anticipated litigation.

After the Council reconvenes to open session, they will report on any actions taken during executive session, before adjourning the meeting.

This meeting is scheduled for March 12 beginning at 6 p.m. inside the Council Chambers in City Hall located at 251 E. Honolulu Street in Lindsay.

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