The year’s first Lindsay City Council meeting is set to be a big one, as the appointment of a new interim City Manager is scheduled to occur at tonight’s meeting.

After a long standing debate about the way a new city manager would be hired to join the city staff, the Council is now faced with the decision. City staff is recommending the Council appoint Michael Camarena as the interim City Manager for a term of no more than six months beginning January 20. The city will continue to look for a permanent City Manager during that time.

The interim City Manager’s performance shall be formally evaluated in executive session at the first council meeting in April by the City Council. Said evaluation process shall include written goals and objectives for the interim City Manager being set for the final months of the interim employment contract by the City Council. 

Camarena would replace Bret Harmon, who’s leaving to become Sanger’s Director of Adminstrative Services.

Several resolutions are slated for the Council’s consideration tonight. Among them is a resolution to appoint a new interim City Clerk. Jack Urquhart was the previous City Clerk. He resigned from his position with the City in December 2019. The City has functioned with the Deputy City Clerk since Urquhart’s departure. 

The Deputy City Clerk has submitted a notice of resignation effective January 17 to the City Council. Upon this resignation, the City will be without a City Clerk and a Deputy City Clerk. The City Council is currently in negotiations with an individual for the City Manager position, with the appointment of a new and permanent City Manager expected in the upcoming month(s). Urquhart has suggested Juana Espinoza take the position of interim City Clerk. Espinoza would serve as City Clerk until the new City Manager can submit a name to the Council for permanent appointment.

Resolution 20-04 will come before the Council for approval. This resolution concerns a site plan review to operate an automotive repair shop on property located at 310 W. Tulare Road. The Lindsay General Plan designates the potential project site for mixed use development, and the site is zoned Mixed-Use Combining which is consistent with the General Plan land use designation. City staff is recommending the Council approve the site plan review.

The Council will conduct a public hearing to consider public comment on the adoption of an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) for a General Plan Amendment and Zone Change. The application was filed by Jim Shropshire to change the general plan land use designation and zoning designation of two parcels from single family residential to multifamily residential. Persons having comments or concerns about the proposed project are encouraged to attend and offer their comments at the hearing. 

City staff submitted a Senate Bill (SB) 2 application in November 2019. The California Department of Housing and Community Development responded with a request to make a few changes to the application, which is now for funding to update the City’s Zoning Ordinance, policies, and procedures related to housing. This will avoid use of funding from the General Fund. It will also help the City upgrade software and hardware to meet the service needs in the community. City staff is recommending the adoption of amended Resolution 19-55, authorizing the City Manager to apply for an SB 2 Planning Grant in the amount of $160,000 and to sign agreement upon award of grant from the California Department of Housing and Community Development. 

Tonight’s consent calendar includes the following items; 1) Minutes from December 10, 2019 City Council Meeting, 2) Warrant List for December 3, 2019 through January 7, 2020, 3) Treasurer’s Report for December, 4) Resolution 20-01 salary schedule changes to comply with State Minimum Wage and Minimum Salary Law, 5) Temporary Use Permit for a circus, 6) DBP Notice, and 7) Resolution 20-02 to allow for information access for use in Cannabis Business Employee background checks. These items may all be approved in one motion, unless a member of the Council chooses to pull any item for further discussion.

This meeting is set for tonight beginning at 6 p.m. in the Council chambers inside City Hall located at 251 E. Honolulu Street.

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