Eddie Hernandez, who has served on the Burton School Board for 14 years, stated he's resigning from his position and won't serve on the board after the November 8 election.

Hernandez represents area one in the district and is actually on the ballot for the position in the upcoming election. He's technically running against Dawn Crater, who's also on the ballot. But since Crater is on the ballot, Hernandez stated he's basically turning over the position to her.

He said the only reason why he ran is to make sure the position is filled. “I hate to see that seat go vacant,” he said.

Hernandez added he was meeting with Crater today to let her know about “my concerns with the district” when it comes to the district forward. “I wish her the best,” said Hernandez about Crater.

“It's time for me to move on,” Hernandez said. “Let somebody else take over that seat.”

Hernandez said he's tried to leave the position before. “I've tried to resign a couple of times,” he said.

He said he's always tried to “be the voice of staff and the employees.” He also said he didn't see himself as a board member who represented the district but it was his job to “represent parents and children.”

Hernandez said he ended up on the Burton School Board to fill a vacancy. He said a major reason why he joined the board was he had an autistic child in third grade and thought there wasn't enough being done for special needs students. “They're part of the mainstream now,” he said. “I pride myself in being part of that direction.”

As to other reasons why he's stepping down, Hernandez said he's turning 62 and along with being the Porterville Exchange Club president, he has a 60-hour-a-week job “on top of that.”

He said he's got a lot on his plate. “My backyard looks like the North 40,” he said.

“I'm about people,” Hernandez said. “I'm a big advocate of parents being on the school board.”

Hernandez added he believes the board was able to serve the community well for the most part while served, saying “80 percent of the time I think we succeed” in meeting the needs of the district.

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