The Porterville Fair Heritage Association held its annual Roundup Dinner a the Porterville Fairgrounds on Saturday, with a different twist this year as a Ranch Sorting Competition was held in which 23 teams moved 10 head of cattle within a 75 second time limit. 

Each team consisted of two members, each on horseback, who worked within the time frame to move each numbered steer from one pen to the other in the correct sequence. Fastest times earned the sorters cash prizes, with the event paying first through fourth  places.

Before the actual Ranch Sorting event started, Auctioneer Don Brumley of Visalia auctioned off all 23 teams to the highest bidders, who cashed in on their investment if the team they bought placed in the top four.

Winners of the Heritage Ranch Sorting were: First — Jerry Clark and Lynn Zylstra  second — Becky Clark and Lynn Zylstra; third —  Jana Peyton and Alex O’Campo; fourth — Chris James and Leroy Chico with Mary Ann Ferrero and Janine Micke finalists. Silver Belt Buckles were awarded to the winning team donated by Sammie Duysen and The Heritage Association.

The Heritage Roundup was sponsored by Stone Chevrolet as well as Circle N Saddlery owned by Jim and Karen Waggoner, who provided the cattle and their expertise for the competition. Mitch Brown acted as master of ceremonies and sorting commentator for the evening , as well as, providing the equipment for the arena preparation.

A steak dinner for the Roundup was provided by Dennis and Caroline Laux and crew, while a silent auction and wine pull added to the night.

The Heritage Association was founded  to give financial support to the youth of the  community who participate at the Porterville Fair.

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