The second court hearing for two 13-year-old boys charged with starting the fire on February 18 at the Porterville Public Library was held on Wednesday in Fresno.

The fire led to the deaths of Porterville City Firefighters Patrick Jones and Ray Figueroa. The hearing was held at the juvenile justice center in Fresno.

Media are being allowed into the courtroom, but aren't being allowed to photograph or record the faces of the teens.

Both teens have been charged with conspiracy, murder and arson. The charges filed are the most severe that can be filed. Under California law, the teens can only be sentenced until the age of 25. The judge in the case will determine the sentence.

During Wednesday's court hearing, attorneys on both sides said they still needed to review information on the case, including the fire investigation.

Still to be figured out is the discovery process and witness list before a trial date can be set. It was also discussed in Wednesday's case how the two defense attorneys will consult with their own investigators and experts.

The two teens are scheduled to be back in court in Fresno on April 27.

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