Even though the fire was in the county, the Porterville City Fire Department was needed to quickly contain a grass fire that threaten several homes on Monday.

The 3-acre fire happened along the Tule River south of Orange and Prospect. The fire came right up to the fence line where several homes were located.

The fire along the Tule River was also in an area where there was a homeless encampment, but nobody was injured in the fire.

While the temperature cooled off into the 80s on Monday and into the 90s on Sunday, the temperatures will above 100 degrees during the previous week obviously made for conditions in which a grass fire could spread quickly.

“Quick, fast, ready to spread in very dry grass,” said Porterville Fire Battalion Chief Aaron Brunelle, who was the incident commander for the fire.

He said the main concern was to obviously “protect the structures. As days are hot and drive it really does dry out the grass and the fuels. It can spread really quickly. We had to act fast.”

Shortly before 4:30 p.m. the fire was under control with at least another hour or two needed for mop-up. The Tulare County Fire Department eventually took over the mop up duties.

The Porterville Fire Department had three engines on the fire along with 10 personnel on duty. There were also four new recruits and two recruit commanders on scene to “get their feet wet,” Brunelle said.

Brunelle said the department has been dealing with multiple grass fires in recent days, including one on Sunday evening in the area of South Cobb and Highway 65. Brunelle said that fire was about a quarter of an acre.

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