The Porterville City Council has much to discuss on Tuesday night as five scheduled matters are slated.

The Council will address a possible partnership with the Workforce Investment Board for the Workforce Accelerator Fund 8.0 Grant application. On the meeting of March 5, the Council approved the financial support for the development of a regionally based strategic plan to address the homelessness situation facing the city. The plan is supposed to address five priorities and goals: increasing access to permanent housing, increasing access to support services for exiting homelessness, expanding services for subpopulations with special needs, preventing homelessness for those at risk and strengthening public engagement and community partnerships. In November, the California Workforce Development Board began accepting applications for the Workforce Accelerator Fund 8.0 Grant. The intent of the grant is to provide transitional employment opportunities to the homeless and to offer them work experience and training. If the grant was awarded to the city, it would allocate $150,000 for an 18-month workforce program.

This grant opportunity would require a 1:1 match, which would be accomplished on the city’s side as an in-kind match including salary expense of current city employees to supervise clients in the program, uniform expenses and Transit passes for the clients. The Workforce program is said to be in-line with the Homelessness Strategic Plan title “Pathway Home: Responding to Homelessness in Tulare County.” Staff is recommending Council support the grant application and allocate the funds needed to match said grant.

The Council will discuss the appointment of a community member to join the city’s Library and Literacy Commission. The  commission chair, Allen Bailey, filed his letter of resignation from the commission on November 14, creating a vacancy on the board. One person, Leslie Pelon, has filed a request for appointment. Pelon has a Masters in History and works as both a substitute teacher for Porterville unified School District and as a adjunct history professor at Porterville College. She has a passion for the library and books, and hopes to be a part of creating opportunities for the community through the library. City Staff is recommending the Council appoint Pelon to the commission for a term to expire in October of 2021.

The draft Groundwater Sustainability Plan will be brought to attention for Council consideration. The city is currently a member of the Eastern Tule Groundwater Sustainability Agency (ETGSA). The agency has been tasked with creating a sustainability plan for groundwater levels and maintenance that must be executed by January 31, 2020. Now that the draft is complete, and in its mandated 90-day comment period, city staff is requesting Council’s consideration regarding the plan and is asking for Council members to provide comment as needed.

A discussion will circulate around support for the Tulare-Kings County Regional Hazardous Materials Team. In June, staff brought forth a request from the City of Visalia asking for approval of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to make a financial commitment associated with the operation of the Tulare-Kings County Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team. The MOU was proposed to the City of Porterville based off of a calculation determined by population. Based off of Porterville’s estimated population of 60,798, the city would be responsible for providing a share of 9.5 percent, which equates to a total of $6,909.68. Staff has stated their support for both the team and the MOU, but is suggesting the cost be split up by associated hazardous material risk factors rather than population.

Currently, Tulare County is home to 1,835 active permit locations, with 151 of them located within the city limits of Porterville. This constitutes roughly 8.23 percent of the total number of permits in Tulare County. Using this number, more than the 9.5 percent, the contribution for the team from Porterville would total 5,971.87, a difference of $937.81. Although staff suggested the second route, the recommendation for Council is to approve the MOU and authorize the payment of $6,909.68 from the Fire Department General Fund budget.

The final item set for Council discussion is the continued conversation regarding the approval of the Council’s Procedural Handbook. The Council hashed out the details for the wording in the handbook at its last meeting, and this item is scheduled to solidify the wording and make it concrete.

The Council is scheduled for two presentations on Tuesday night. The first will be a presentation for the Veterans Homecoming Queen and Court, and the second will spotlight Ricardo Bustamante Jr. as Employee of the Month.

Council and staff will give their routine informational reports. The Council will report on the Tulare County Task Force on Homelessness meeting, the Tulare County City Selection Committee meeting, the Council of Cities meeting and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Governing Board meeting. Staff will provide information to the Council regarding Casas Buena Vista Properties and Council Contribution for the local non-profit Toys For Tots organization.

Oral communications will be opened to the public. This is the time in which the community is encouraged to address the Council on any matters under their jurisdiction. Each speaker will be given three minutes at the podium, unless the Council agrees to allow for more time. 

Following oral communications, the Council will move to the consent calendar for the evening. Tuesday’s consent calendar sits at 13 items, all of which can be approved in one motion. Council members can request to pull an item from the calendar for further discussion if they wish.

The following is a list of all 13 consent calendar items; Authorization for Transit bus engine repair, Amendment No. 2, to Carollo Engineers, Inc. Professional Services Agreement for Master Plan Updates and Recycled Water Feasibility Study, Award of contract to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Refuse Vehicles, Acceptance of project for the Plano Micro Surfacing Project, Assignment of Airport Lease for Lot 46B, Authorization to perform a community mobility needs assessment for the Clean Mobility Options for Disadvantaged Communities Funding Program, Authorization of street closure for the Porterville Police Department’s Annual Santa in the Park Event, Repealing and replacing Resolution No. 84-2018 to amend the Employee Pay and Benefit Plan for unrepresented management employees, Scheduling of a Special Meeting of the City Council with the Library and Literacy Commission, Scheduling of City Council Tour of Tule River Parkway Gardens Project, and Status and review of Declaration of Local Emergency.

This meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 3, beginning at 6:30 p.m. inside the Council Chambers at City Hall located at 291 N. Main Street in Porterville.

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