A class in acrylic flow was taught by Laura Soto to six people at Porterville Art Association (PAA) on Saturday, Feb. 23. 

Instead of using a canvas, each person either used a round piece of a pine log with bark or rocks. Janette Brewer painted an old fashioned 20th century iron. 

Soto started painting rocks about four years ago and said it is so much fun. She has taught kindergartners and first graders at Burton School District, and they have created a colorful rock garden at school. They even celebrated Kindness Week by painting rocks and writing kind quotes in teacher Ashley Williams’ class.

JoNell Mauck enjoyed the morning of creating painted rocks and wood pieces. She said the painted rocks could be used as paper weights and door stops.  

Nat Briones was also having a great time using the acrylic flow method, and said after the drip pans dry you can peel the dried paint off. He said he might use his dried paint to make a collage.

“This is just such a fun way to spend the morning,” said Belynda Stephens of Tulare. She painted three rocks and a piece of wood, and said it was wonderful they offered the class at PAA. “It’s always good to learn things where you can use your creative talent.”

Briones said acrylic flow was exactly the “therapy everyone should use.” He is a Cub Scout master and said he just finished an art merit badge for a class of four or five boys, showing them how to sketch portraits.

“You can always manipulate the paint,” said Soto, tilting the rock with wet paint or moving the painted piece of wood.  

“Working with the wooden pieces is easier to move around than the rocks, and get the paint flowing,” said Nancy Quinn.  

Each paint creation needed to dry overnight, so Soto thanked everyone for attending her class and enjoying themselves for a little fun and therapy.

PAA member and Public Relations Director Linda Hinojosa has been to three different acrylic flow classes at PAA and said they all were fun, and each teacher offered different techniques that were rewarding. 

The classes offer a positive environment that allows people to make new friends and catch up with old ones. 

“I’m looking forward to coming here and learning a new technique that I’ve never used before,” said Brewer. “I would encourage other members and artists to come to our general meeting, and support the artists who are teaching us different and new classes.”

“Classes are offered on Saturday, and are a great way to start the day,” said Hinojosa, “I encourage people to come in and have fun.”

There will be another rock painting class in March. 

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