While it took a while for the first baby to be born in Porterville in 2020, the new child was actually an early surprise for the infant’s parents, Jasmin Cervantes and Eric Andrade.

They weren’t expecting their child to be born until later in January, but then it looked like the baby would be one of the last to come in Porterville to end what would be considered the decade from 2010-2019.

But as it turned out, Evelyn Cervantes was the first baby born in the 20s — the 2020s — at Sierra View Medical Center at exactly 11 a.m. Wednesday, New Year’s Day. Jasmin Cervantes and Andrade agreed being the parents of the first born child of the 2020s in Porterville and everything that happened leading up to it was overwhelming.

Jasmin said she was glad their first child was a girl. Because Evelyn came prematurely, she was born a little smaller at 5 pounds, 9 ounces and 16 inches. Evelyn wasn’t due until January 22.

But Jasmin’s water broke at 4 a.m. Tuesday, New Year’s Eve so there was the chance the baby would be born in 2019. But the birth took a while and Evelyn was delivered by C-section at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Andrade and Cervantes both said the birth of their first child was obviously a much better New Year’s celebration than what they had planned.

The camera shy Jasmin didn’t want her photo taken with the baby but a little more than five hours after her daughter was born, she was heeding Sierra’ View’s advice and breast feeding her child.

Sierra View presented Jasmin with a gift basket that included blankets, toiletries, a first aid kit, mittens and a stuffed animal. To encourage breast feeding items such as a pacifier or a bottle weren’t included in the basket.

Jasmin did admit though how she felt when asked that question a little more than five hours after giving birth. “In pain,” she said.

“I started to cry,” said Jasmin about when she first saw Evelyn. “I was just really excited,” added Andrade about seeing his child for the first time. “They said I teared up but I don’t know. I was ready for her to cry.”

When asked her the baby looks like Eric said “She looks more like her mom.” He then turned to Evelyn  and told her “You don’t want to look like me, huh?”

Both obviously said they just wanted Evelyn to be happy and healthy. 

When asked what kind of mother she wanted to be Jasmin just said I want to be a good mother for her.” When asked what kind of father he wanted to be Eric said “the best.”

Wednesday was actually a slow day at Sierra View when it came to births. On a busy day as many as more than 15 babies can be born at Sierra View. But on Wednesday Sierra View staff stated maybe only one other child would be born there after Evelyn’s birth.

Visalia’s first baby of 2020 was born at 12:57 a.m. Wednesday as Liam James Casper was born at that time and weighed eight pounds and was 20.47 inches long.


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