Fugazzis, the popular downtown restaurant in Visalia for so many years, is still on track to open in downtown Porterville in early January.

In a video posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page on Christmas Day, Fugazzi’s general manager Gabriel Diaz said the restaurant is on track to open the first or second week of January. The restaurant will be located upstairs in the former Palace Hotel building at 148 N. Main Street.

In the video on Christmas Day, Diaz said work was continuing on such areas as the kitchen and the bathroom while big screen TV, the tables and chairs were on schedule to be brought in. He described the final stages of the construction as “all fine tuning like that.”

“It’s coming along great,” Diaz said. “The ball is rolling. We’re checking off boxes.”

Diaz added hiring has been done for the restaurant, including the hiring of chefs and the head chef.

Fugazzis is known for a menu that features eloquent appetizers and salads and elevated main entrees and desserts. Fugazzis is also known as an upscale restaurant but that’s inviting at the same time.

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