The race is one for Fugazzis to be open in time for Valentine’s Day.

In another video posted on the Fugazzis Facebook page on Saturday, Fugazzis general manager Gabriel Diaz said the restaurant could open in downtown Porterville on Thursday or Friday. The restaurant will be located upstairs in the former Palace Hotel building at 148 N. Main Street.

“We’re on the verge of opening any day now,” Diaz said in the video. “We’re literally days away from opening in Poterville downtown for you guys. We’re looking at the middle of next week sometime. Maybe Thursday or maybe Friday which would be great.”

Diaz, though, went on to say, “we’re not making any guarantees because we want to give you the great food and great service Fugazzis is expected to give.”

About the anticipation of the restaurant’s opening, Diaz said, “You’re blowing up our phones at all our restaurants. We love that we’re going to be very welcomed in the community of Porterville.”

The Facebook post also stated there will be one final announcement letting people know when the restaurant will open.

Fugazzis has been a popular destination in downtown Visalia for years. Fugazzis is known for a menu that features eloquent appetizers and salads and elevated main entrees and desserts. Fugazzis is also known as an upscale restaurant but that’s inviting at the same time. The restaurant also does catering and has done catering in Porterville.

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