Fugazzis is now aiming to be open in downtown Porterville the last week of January.

Fugazzis general manager Gabriel Diaz stated the restaurant which has been a popular destination in downtown Visalia for years, is looking to open in Porterville the last week of January in a video posted on Facebook on Wednesday. Fugazzis will be located upstairs in the former Palace Hotel building at 148 N. Main Street.

In the video Diaz said the tables and chairs are now in place and there will be seating for 150. “It’s coming along very well,” said Diaz in the video.

“We’re pushing, pushing. We really want it to be done fast. We know you guys are waiting for it because we’re waiting for it.”

Fugazzis is known for a menu that features eloquent appetizers and salads and elevated main entrees and desserts. Fugazzis is also known as an upscale restaurant but that’s inviting at the same time. The restaurant also does catering and has done catering in Porterville.

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