Well known leader Laochu Cha, known as Lawrence in this country, and former senator of Laos, has passed away and thousands among the Hmong community paid their respects during a huge ceremony at the Fresno Convention Center with more than 3,000 people attending from near and far, throughout the United States and overseas.

Cha, of Porterville, died on August 14. He was 90.

On Monday afternoon, at Hillcrest Cemetery in Porterville, a funeral with full military honors was held, with an honor guard, a gun salute, taps, and the flag was folded and presented to the family.

Hundreds of friends, family, and loved ones attended the ceremony, and there was even a drone recording footage.

Shoua Xiong Cha, former first lady of the National Assembly of Laos, and Laochu Cha’s wife, passed away in 2008 and was laid to rest at the cemetery. Shoua Xiong Cha was also from a royal family in Laos.

Lawrence Cha was also former chairman of the Republican Asia Pacific American Islander and co-chairman of the Republican National Party.

Mr. Wang Xiong, said Lawrence Cha had been one of his best friends growing up.

Bee Cha, another brother, said they were in the military together. Bee said his daughter is now a colonel. Lawrence served in leadership positions during and after the Vietnam War in Laos and the U.S. He and his family left Laos in May 1975.

Na Cha said his family has always been in the army both in the United States and in Laos, and they’ve always supported the U.S.

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