Sequoia National Forest officials have announced the reopening of portions of the Western Divide Ranger District.

Areas south of California Hot Springs, Pine Flat and Sugarloaf and areas east of Lloyd Meadow Road are now accessible. View the Sequoia National Forest website for additional available areas.

Sequoia National Forest Forest Teresa Benson said the reduced closure area is due to the work by firefighters and fire suppression repair efforts within the burn scar area. The new Windy Fire Area, Roads and Trails Closure Order went into effect Wednesday and will remain in effect until June 15, 2022 or until rescinded, whichever occurs first.

Fire hazards continue to pose an immediate threat in closed areas. County roads, Western Divide Highway (M107) near Ponderosa, M99 at Lloyd Meadow Road, and Parker Pass (M50) at Parker Meadow above California Hot Springs are open in the closure area for travel.

Exemptions to the Order include residents and owners of private property, Federal, State, local officers, or members of an organized rescue or fire fighting force performing an official duty. The Order, exemptions, and map are available for viewing on the Sequoia National Forest website,

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