The Porterville Area Coordinating Council's (PACC) new leaders teamed up with Chingons Tacos to donate and deliver 600 tacos to healthcare workers who are working on the frontline at Sierra View Medical Center (SVMC) on Wednesday in Porterville. At noon on Wednesday, PACC and Chingons Tacos made their first delivery of 300 tacos to SVMC, only to return later in the evening, around 7 p.m., to make a second delivery of 300 tacos.

“In these times of uncertainty, we feel that healthcare workers have been at a disadvantage, not only by the amount of time their spending and the work they are doing,” said Ryan Land, PACC's new manager. “We feel that we wanted to honor them by providing a food service to them.”

Land explained that half of the 600 tacos were donated from Chingons Tacos, and the remaining half of the tacos came from PACC. The idea was sparked by Land, Donna Grigsby (PACC's new President) and David Gong.

Chingons Tacos owner, Isaias Sanchez, said that he wanted to feed SVMC workers because he wanted to show them his support and because some of the people he is closest to are also frontline workers.

“My girlfriend works on the frontline,” said Sanchez. “We've got some family members working at the hospital, so we feel that we need to support them. They're out there putting their lives at risk every day.”

Sanchez said that he's working towards donating and delivering tacos to the Tulare County Sheriff's Office in the future.

Chingons Tacos is still open for take-out. They are accepting call-in orders at (559) 615-1258. Sanchez's other business, Coco's Rolled Ice Cream, also remains open for take-out orders.

As for PACC, there is a new adventure on the horizon for them.

“Recently, we have partnered with a Fresno based organization called Neighborhood Industries,” said Donna Grigsby, PACC's new President. “One of their programs is the Take Care Grocery Relief Program. Through this program, PACC will be able to distribute non-perishable food boxes to those in need in our area. We're really excited with this, especially since we will be starting the food boxes next week. We will see how it works and we're going to try it because there's a lot of people that need food.”

PACC is currently the main distribution point for bread in the Porterville area and across southern Tulare County. The non-profit organization has partnered with Bimbo Bread Company, and pick-up an average of 1,300 bread trays per month. This allows them to distribute thousands of loaves a bread a week to approximately 25 different organizations and churches in the area.

PACC also help individuals in need. Their services include finding emergency shelter, help with utility bills, emergency transportation, gasoline vouchers and emergency clothing. They also make and distribute Christmas baskets to those in need in conjunction with the Salvation Army.

PACC is solely funded off donations from churches, other organizations, individuals and local business. Donations of all types are always needed and accepted.

The PACC front office is open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Masks are required for entry.

Beginning today and lasting through Saturday, PACC will be hosting a huge Warehouse Sale. The sale begins at 8 a.m. and ends at noon. Masks are required for entry. The PACC front office and Warehouse Sale is located at 368 East Date Street in Porterville.

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