A swarm of Federal Bureau of Investigations agents surrounded Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical on North E Street in Porterville on Thursday as a team of FBI agents from Fresno were at the facility.

With several unmarked cars surrounding the Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical facility and FBI agents clearly in uniform, passing drivers and nearby neighbors were drawn to the scene, some even sitting on their porches or slowing down their vehicles to watch what was happening.

Upon arrival, it appeared the agents were loading boxes from the facility into a medium sized trailer. Once full, the trailer left and headed west on Putnam Avenue. Agents continued to walk in and out of the facility, making trips to and from the vehicles parked outside.

Moving closer to the scene, it was clear the agents were investigating the items inside the facility. Some agents were snapping photos of items on the front desk, and one agent sat behind the Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical computer and seemed to be searching the contents of the computers hard drive.

After approaching one of the FBI agents on scene to ask if there was any information that could be released about the investigation, he simply stated no.

“No,” said the agent. “We’re just conducting a search warrant.”

An attempt was made to reach the owners of Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical by telephone to ask if they could release any information about what was happening at the business, but there was no answer.

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