On Tuesday, The Recorder published an article about a mam arrested for child abduction. Here’s a brief update:

On Saturday, Tulare County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) deputies were called to the Poplar area for a possible child abduction. At the time, Julisa Perez Zendejas said her ex-husband, Christian Jaime, had taken their two children without her consent, in violation of a court order.

TCSO detectives were soon notified by the Brawley Police Department they had found Jaime along with both children. TCSO detectives immediately responded to the Brawley Police Department to continue the investigation. When they arrived, detectives determined the children hadn’t been taken by force, and in fact had been living with Jaime for several months, in violation of the court order.

Child Welfare Services in both Tulare County and Imperial County were notified of the incident and will be following up. Detectives arrested Zendejas for an unrelated misdemeanor warrant and for making a false police report. Detectives will also be submitting a criminal complaint against Jaime for violation of a court order.

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