Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux has just issued a voluntary evacuation warning for Springville.

A voluntary evacuation warning isn't a mandatory evacuation order. Those who live in the Springville area though need to be prepared to leave.

The evacuation warning is for all those in the Springville area between Globe Drive and Balch Park Road.

Those in the Springville area who have large animals or need more time to evacuate should leave now. Mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for the following areas: Ponderosa, Alpine Village, Sequoia Crest, Doyle Springs, Highway 190 along the south from the intersection of Balch Park Road (the White Barn)  north to Blue Ridge Lookout east to Moses Mountain, and south to Highway 190 at Mahogany Flat; the Upper Tule River Corridor (Camp Nelson, Pierpoint, Coy Flat, Mountain Aire);and Cedar Slope.

An evacuation warning is also in effect for South Fork. Road closures are as follows: Highway 190 at Balch Park; Balch Park and Bear Creek; Balch Park and Yokohl; Mountain 90 and 107; Mountain 99 and Sherman Pass; Sherman Pass and Cherry; Sequoia National Forest/Park Closure; Highway 198 to the Giant Forest.

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