The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines continues to be increased gradually with Eagle Mountain Casino , the Tule River Indian Reservation and Sierra View Medical Center among those stepping up their efforts to make them more available.

Last Monday, Eagle Mountain Casino began offering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to its employees. Each employee has the option to receive or decline the vaccine.

The Moderna vaccine was allotted by priority to healthcare workers, first responders, elders and essential workers on the Tule River Indian Reservation.

Eagle Mountain Casino is fortunate to have essential workers that qualify to receive the vaccine which was provided through Indian Health Services; an allocation by the U.S. Federal Government,” the casino stated.

The Tule River Tribe received 200 doses for the first dose of the vaccine. Two doses of the vaccine are required for each individual.

Moving forward the Tribe will request doses through Indian Health Services and receive them as they become available. The vaccines are shipped in boxes of 100 which is the shipping limit each time they're requested.

The Tribe was told they're guaranteed the second doses for everyone who received the first dose. In addition to the 200 they already have, 100 more doses arrived last week and the Tribe is expected to receive another 100 doses this week.

Those who have already received the vaccine are 29 Tule River Healthcare workers, 12 First Responders, 101 Tribal Elders and 28 Essential Workers. The vaccinations are on a first come first serve basis and a second booster dose will be made available to all who received a first dose.

For more information on the Moderna vaccine please visit the links below.


On Friday, 30 Porterville College students enrolled in various health care programs and Sierra View volunteers received the vaccine. Because these students complete their clinical training at local hospitals and other approved facilities, they're among the few who are now eligible to receive their COVID-19 vaccine in Tulare County.

Sierra View volunteers who met the current COVID-19 vaccination phase requirements and as approved by the Tulare County Public Health Department, also received vaccines on Friday.

Sierra View volunteers Iris Urquizu, Bennie Sorrells and Rich Garza were among those who received the vaccine. Sorrells, Sierra View's Volunteer League President, said, “Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will help us get through this pandemic and it’s a step in the right direction to help slow the spread. “I believe that the more people who receive this vaccine the better because this virus has affected so many people and has been devastating to several families.”

Urquizu, Sierra View Volunteer League vice president, said she appreciated the hospital reaching out to volunteers.

The COVID-19 vaccine is istill in limited supply. Tulare County health officials continue to ask the public for patience as more vaccines become available.

Those ages 65 and older and those in Phase 1A are basically the ones right now eligible to receive the vaccine, but the county was still in the process of vaccinating those in Phase 1A. The county then plans to move on to those 75 and older.

Those who are eligible to receive the vaccine can sign up to receive it here: But those 65 and older will still have to wait before they can be vaccinated. County officials state they will be informed when vaccinations are available.

And Tulare County residents can also fill out a form to receive updates on when they will become eligible for a vaccine here:

It should be noted the website contains the numeral zero and not a capital O.

Medically trained volunteers who want to assist in the administration of vaccines can visit Others who want to help with the vaccination effort can visit

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