The outpouring of love from the community continues for four people riding their motorcycles who were killed in a head-on collision early Sunday morning, August 4 near the intersection of Avenue 196 and Highway 65 in Strathmore. Funeral services for Gilbert Vargas and Mitzi Rodriguez were held on Monday and funeral services have been held Tuesday and continue today for Jose Vargas and Rita Vargas. A Catholic Mass for Jose and Rita Vargas is scheduled to be held at 11 a.m. today at Holy Cross. 

Rita Vargas was a teacher in the Porterville Unified School District and was scheduled to teach at Plano Preschool. A classroom door was decorated in honor of Vargas’ memory. The Porterville Unified School District posted this message on its Facebook page on Friday.

“This evening, the PUSD Plano Preschool staff invited the family of Rita Vargas to a private dinner and to show off the classroom door that was decorated in her memory. We know Rita will be looking over her students for years to come. We love you, Rita.”

The woman accused of DUI in the crash, Jazmin Paramo, has been charged with several felonies and has been denied bail.

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