An anonymous donor has stepped forward and is encouraging the community to participate in a donation challenge for the New Porterville Rescue Mission (NPRM). This anonymous donor has stated that they are matching all donations, up to a total of $25,000.

The mission has been in the throes of working toward bringing their building up to city code standards.

At a recent City Council meeting, the rescue mission was given an additional 75 day extension, after they had been given 120 days earlier in the year to work on the building that houses over a dozen shelter tenants, and provides food and showers for over 20 people a day.

The NPRM was instructed to install sprinklers in their men's dorm, a new oven hood in their kitchen and to bring all electrical work in the building up to code.

When the mission received notice from the city about the safety issues of the building, the mission's director, Esther Ramirez, says she turned to God and left it in his hands.

Without ever breaking faith, Ramirez and her family at the mission continued praying and working towards a breakthrough. And they received it when they began pushing for the community's help.

One of the mission tenants opened a GoFundMe, an online resource used to raise money for specific causes, and it took off quickly, raising close to $2,000 within the first few weeks. All money raised through the GoFundMe will be put towards paying for repairs, replacements and installments in the building.

Money, food, clothes, hygiene products and tents have begun to make their way to the mission, but they still need additional funds to be able to pay for all of the work that will be going into their building.

And now that an anonymous donor has taken a pledge to match donations, now is the perfect time to give back to the community.

"Everything helps," said Tracy Parks, a staff member at the mission. "Twenty dollars, ten dollars, even five dollars. Anything and everything helps."

The mission is still accepting donations via GoFundMe, but are highly encouraging the community to stop by their location at 30 S. A Street and drop off donations there so they can be matched by the anonymous donor. This donation challenge will end on August 12.

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