Tulare County continues to gradually head in the right direction when it comes to its status as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

But the trend of a high number in the increase in deaths is also continuing.

Tulare County Health and Human Services reported on Thursday the county's unofficial, preliminary case rate continued its gradual decline. The rate is now down to 18.4 per 100,000 residents over a 7-day period, a decrease of 2.7. That represents a case rate of .184 percent.

The health department reported 11 more deaths on Thursday, brining the total number of deaths in Tulare County due to COVID-19 to 717. The county has data on 691 deaths of which 527 were ages 65 and older, 149 were ages 41-64 and 14 were ages 26-40.

One child in Tulare County has died due to complications with COVID-19. There have been 187 deaths related to nursing homes and 504 deaths not related to nursing homes. Sierra View Medical Center has had 145 deaths due to COVID-19.

The number of active cases ticked back up slightly for a second straight day because of a low number of recoveries that was reported. The number of active cases increased by 62 on Thursday. There are now 1,576 people in Tulare County who have tested positive for COVID-19.

The health department reported 18 more recoveries on Thursday. There are now 45,018 people in Tulare County who have recovered after testing positive for COVID-19.

Another positive sign is Tulare County's R number which measures the rate of spread of the virus continues to come down. It's now down to .73, which is in the “likely decreasing category.”

That means the increase in cases is expected to rise at a lower level than the current rate. The number .73 represents the average number of people who would be infected by one infected person.

The overall increase of cases on Thursday followed the most recent trend as the number of cases increased by less than 100 at 91. Since March 11 there have been 47,311 cases in Tulare County.

There have been 9,559 cases in the Porterville area, 145 cases in Springville, 43 cases in foothill-mountain communities, 686 cases in Terra Bella, 612 cases in Strathmore, 1,759 cases in Lindsay, 8,399 cases in Tulare, 4,030 cases in Dinuba, 313 cases in Richgrove, 757 cases in Pixley, 354 cases in Tipton, 78 cases in Alpaugh, 1,411 cases in Earlimart, 1,135 cases in Farmersville, 1,012 cases in Exeter, 51 cases in Three Rivers, 878 cases in Woodlake, 734 cases in Cutler, 1,398 cases in Orosi, 87 cases in Goshen, 237 cases in Traver, 57 cases in the Reedley area, 21 cases in Orange Cove and 484 cases in Ivanhoe.

In Visalia there have been 5,161 cases in one region, 3,415 cases in another region and 4,072 cases in a third region.

There have been 7,028 cases ages 0-17, 7,357 cases ages 18-25, 13,308 cases ages 26-40, 14,681 cases ages 41-64 and 4,911 cases ages 65 and older.

There have been 26,145 cases who have been Hispanic, 6,516 have been Caucasian, 935 have been Asian, 328 have been African American, 302 have been Native American, 1,567 have been multi-race and 11,518 are unknown.

There are 215 people in Tulare County under self-quarantine being monitored by public health officials.

On Wednesday Sierra View reported it had 15 COVID-19 patients and 10 patients suspected of having COVID-19. Sierra View reported nine of its 10 ICU beds were in use. Sierra View reported nine of its 21 ventilators were in use.

Sierra View reported it now has four employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 and 167 employees who have recovered after testing positive for COVID-19. Sierra View has had a total of 1,099 positive tests.

With a population of 477,000 people Tulare County has had a rate of 9.9 cases per 100 residents or 9.9 percent.


Tulare County has partnered with a number of sites throughout the county to provide vaccines when available to those who meet current eligibility standards. The health department's link lists the sites and states phones that can be called to make appointments. The link to make an appointment can be found here:


Local sites providing vaccinations include: Porterville's Family Health Care Network, 877-960-3426; Lindsay's Omni Family Health, 800 N Sequoia, 800-300-6664; Lindsay's Aria Community Health Center, 972 Road 214, 559-562-7799; CVS Pharmacy, 53 E. Olive, Porterville, 559-791-9238; Rite Aid Pharmacy, 262 North Highway 65, Lindsay, 559-562-4404; and Lindsay's Valley Healthcare Centers, 825 Sequoia, 559-562-1960.

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