The number of active COVID-19 cases went back up over the weekend in Tulare County.

After two straight days of declines in active cases, the number of cases increased, Tulare County Health and Human Services reported on Monday.

There are now 1,142 active cases in Tulare County after that number had dropped below 1,000 before the weekend. The number of active cases increased by 150 over the weekend.

The number of recoveries also increased by 237 over the weekend. The number of people in Tulare County who have recovered after testing positive for COVID-19 is now at 9,524.

But the number of new cases reported outpaced the number of recoveries, leading to the increase in active cases. There have been 10,862 cases in Tulare County, an increase of 387 over the weekend.

An encouraging state is Tulare County's R number which projects how fast the rate of the virus will spread continues to decline and is now below 1 at .97. That means the average number of people an infected person would be expected to infect has now fallen below 1 in Tulare County.

At .97, Tulare County's rate is still considered to be “likely stable,” meaning the rate of increase of cases is expected to continue at its current rate.

The number of deaths in Tulare County remained the same at 196 as there were no new deaths reported over the weekend.

There have been 112 deaths related to nursing homes and 84 deaths not related to nursing homes. There have been 24 deaths over the last 14 days.

But that's a decrease of four over the previous two-week period. The state model projects Tulare County to have 276 deaths by September 9.

The department also reported the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Tulare County as of Thursday decreased slightly by three, but still remained troubling hight at 101.

Another encouraging stat is Tulare County now almost nearly meets the state standard for how many ICU beds are available. As of Thursday, 19.2 percent of ICU beds were available in Tulare County which was just below the state standard of 20 percent.

As of Friday, Visalia's Kaweah Delta Hospital reported it had 77 COVID-19 hospitalizations. Kaweah Delta reported it had 93 employees who have now tested positive for COVID-19 and 189 employees who have recovered.

The hospital reported six of its 55 ventilators were in use. Kaweah Delta reported it has had 3,162 positive tests.

As of Friday, Sierra View Medical Center reported it had 21 COVID-19 hospitalizations and three patients suspected of COVID-19. Sierra View has had 30 deaths due to COVID-19.

Sierra View reported five of its 10 ICU beds were in use. The hospital reported six of 18 ventilators were in use.

The hospital reported it now has six employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 and 33 employees who have recovered. Sierra View has had 242 positive tests.

There have been 68 cases in Tulare County reported as travel-related, 3,741 cases due to person-to-person contact and 7,053 cases are under investigation.

There have been 1,394 cases ages 0-17, 1,711 cases ages 18-25, 3,102 cases ages 26-40, 3,402 cases ages 41-64 and 1,239 cases ages 65 and older.

There have been 6,222 cases who have been Hispanic, 1,053 who have been Caucasian, 150 who have been Asian, 44 who have been African-American, 15 who have been Native American, 156 who have been multi-race and 3,222 have been unknown.

There are 321 people in Tulare County who are under self-quarantine being monitored by public health officials.

Another encouraging stat is Tulare County's doubling time — the amount of days it would take for cases to double. Tulare County's doubling time is now up to 48.6 days, indicating the curve of cases is flattening.

With a population of about 470 people, Tulare County has had about 2.25 cases per 100 residents or 2.25 percent.

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