The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has allocated $561 million to 125 transportation projects that will help rebuild and maintain California’s infrastructure, as well as encourage and support the use of alternate forms of transportation, such as bicycling and walking. Tulare County will receive approximately $21 million for four projects near Visalia, Tooleville, Terra Bella and Woodlake.

CTC’s projects include 32 biking and pedestrian projects throughout the state which will receive nearly $8.5 million in allocations from the Active Transportation Program.

“At Caltrans, we are working to not only preserve our investments in the state highway system, but are also investing in projects that expand the availability [of] bike and pedestrian access throughout the state,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “Allocations like those made today help us to ensure the state’s transportation system will support and benefit Californians for decades to come.”

The funding will be provided to Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) for the projects in the area.

Terra Bella’s project will receive $379,000 and consists of designing and constructing new sidewalks, curbs and gutters on one side of Avenue 94 between Road 236 and Road 238 to enhance the safety for pedestrians walking to school.

The City of Woodlake’s project will receive $245,000 to construct sidewalks, ADA ramps, striping and signage along Castle Rock Street.

The bulk of the funding — $20.8 million — will go towards widening Caldwell Avenue near Visalia from four to six lanes.

A sidewalk and school bus pullout will be constructed to enhance safety for pedestrians walking to and utilizing the school bus stop on Road 204 in Tooleville at a cost of $379,000.

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