A second complex sporting the Palm Terrace name will be making its way into the City of Lindsay, as the site plan for the housing development was approved by the Lindsay City Council at their regular meeting Tuesday evening. This additional complex with bring 54 apartment units which will be nearly identical to the existing Palm Terrace apartments that sit just north of the property located on the 200 block of North Westwood Avenue. 

At Tuesday’s meeting both the Notice of Exemption for the environmental review and the Palm Terrace II site plan were before the Council for approval. When the notice of Exemption was up for discussion, Council member Yolanda Flores asked a question about possible contamination in the soil on the project property. A representative from Self-Help Enterprises, the company that will be handling the project, answered that the environmental review of the property had already been completed before the development of the Palm Terrace I complex. The Notice of Exemption was approved 4-0. Mayor Pamela Kimball had given notice to her absence at a previous meeting. 

When discussion commenced regarding the future complex’s site plan, Mike Camarena, the Director of City Services and Planning, stated that the development will consist of nine one-bedroom units at 614 square feet, nine one-bedroom units at 638 square feet, 18 two-bedroom units at 849 square feet and 18 three-bedroom unit at 1,197 square feet. Nine two-story apartment buildings will be erected. On-site services will include, but will not be limited to, a community room, an after school youth program, adult education workshops, educational programs and a computer lab. 

Self-Help Enterprises will also be reaching out to CalTrans to try to become a potential partner. The development company is support to be for a future Transit Center for the city at Hermosa Street and Mt. Vernon Avenue. The company will also be making various mobility improvements within a one-mile radius of the future complex. The Council approves the Palm Terrace II project with a vote of 4-0. 

When public comment was opened Ron Holsey, a resident in the Orangewood Mobile Manor, addressed his concerns about the growing of marijuana happening in his neighborhood. He stated that he has spoken to the police about this issue, but requested an ordinance from the Council addressing this issue. 

Flores reported about a Chamber of Commerce event she attended and stated that it had a lot of vendors and was very nice. Council member Roseana Sanchez gave a brief report about the Lindsay Wellness Programming Committee meeting she attended. She announced that the Wellness Center would like to host a Christmas Tree Lighting at the new roundabout on December 3, and that several different classes will be taught at the Wellness Center, including a women’s self defense class. Council member Laura Cortes also commented on the Lindsay Wellness Programming Committee NY saying that they are still looking for a member-at-large to serve on the board.

Interim City Manager Bret Harmon gave the Council a financial update, as preparation for the Audit report that will be given in December.

The Council’s consent calendar was approved with a vote of 4-0. 

Camarena brought forward a list of proposed fee increases for the city’s planning and development fees. These fees haven’t been changed since 2012, although they are supposed to be looked at once a year. The Council approved the increases with a vote of 4-0. The new fees will be effective immediately. 

The next City Council meeting will be December 10. A preview of the agenda will be available the Friday before the meeting.

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