The College of the Sequoias (COS) Training Resource Center will be offering a new exciting seven week training series called “The Leadership Academy”. It will be starting January 28 and is designed for people interested in taking their leadership skills to the next level. Rose Lacey, training coordinator at COS Training Resource Center shared, “this is an advanced series that trains people to be great leaders. Great leaders move us and inspire us to do our best work. They empower and influence us to achieve more. People who want to move from boss to a leader that people want to follow should definitely attend. It’s a powerful training series”

The course will take place on Tuesdays, from January 28 through March 12, and will be held in the Visalia Industrial Park at Joann’s Distribution Center. This academy is for those in management positions who want to elevate their performance and take their achievement to the next level. Not every great leader is born. Great leaders are made. This course is designed for seasoned managers by gaining new insights and inspiration to go beyond being just “a boss” to leaving their mark as a great Leader. High potential employees, new managers and seasoned managers who are ready to focus on core leadership skills will also benefit from this training.

Investing in training for employees has been shown to reduce turnover and increase productivity and retention. The COS Training Resource Center is proud of their 4.8/5 ratings on soft skills trainings, and a 48 percent increase in learning.

The training was created by gleaning the most exciting and proven strategies from many of today’s most successful leaders and researchers such as Gallup Research, Daniel Goleman, Stephen Covey, Jack Walsh, Marcus Buckingham, Patrick Lencioni, Janice Marturano, Simon Sinek, John Maxwell, Ken Blanchard and more.

A sampling of topics include employee engagement, leadership essentials, integrity and ethics, managing personalities, managing diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, strengths and authentic leadership.

The class is $960 per person for 42 hours of instruction. However, COS has funding sources, which could reduce this training to little or no cost, if the applicant qualifies.

To find out more about the course or funding to pay for the course, please visit the COS website at Also call or email the COS Training Resource Center at 559-688-3130 or for more information.

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