While there was a significant increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Tulare County on Tuesday, there was also a considerable increase in the number of people who have recovered after testing positive for the coronavirus.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Tulare County has exceeded 2,000. But the number of those who have recovered after testing positive for COVID-19 in Tulare County has also exceeded 1,000.

Those were the numbers reported on Tuesday by Tulare County Health and Human Services. The department reported just an increase of 107 COVID-19 cases as it stated there has now been 2,004 COVID-19 cases in Tulare County. That's up from the 1,897 cases that was reported on Monday.

The department also reported no new deaths on Tuesday. The number of deaths due to COVID-19 remained the same at 89.

The number of people who have recovered after testing positive for COVID-19 in Tulare County has also significantly increased and has now exceeded 1,000 at 1,047. That's an increase of 135 as the department reported on Monday there were 912 people in the county who recovered after testing positive for COVID-19.

The number of active cases in Tulare County did increase to 868 on Tuesday. But the number of confirmed cases at nursing homes actually declined on Tuesday from 384 to 339, the department stated.

And of the 868 confirmed cases only four percent are hospitalized as the department reported 35 are hospitalized. The department reported of the 35 who are hospitalized, 12 are in intensive care.

As of 5 p.m. Monday, Sierra View Medical Center reported it had five people hospitalized due to COVID-19. Sierra View reported it has a total of 38 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The hospital reported it has had 12 deaths due to COVID-19. Sierra View also reported it has had 981 tests conducted as of Sunday while there have been 4,335 tests conducted at the Tulare County testing lab.

With a population of about 470,000 people, there have been a little more than four cases of COVID-19 per 1,000 people in Tulare County, or about .004 percent.

The department reported there has been a total of 174 cases in Southeastern Tulare County, which includes Porterville. The official tally for Lindsay remained the same at 118.

There have been 384 cases in Dinuba and 272 cases in Tulare. There have been 48 cases in Southwestern Tulare County, four cases in foothill-mountain communities, 11 cases in Strathmore, 71 cases in Farmersville, 22 cases in Exeter, 11 cases in Goshen, 23 cases in Ivanhoe, 11 cases in Traver, 16 cases in Woodlake, 11 cases in the Reedley area and 11 cases in Orange Cove. The total number of cases in Visalia is in the 900 range.

Thirty-one cases have been reported as due to travel, 999 cases are due to person-to-person contact and 974 are still under investigation.

There have been 170 cases ages 0-17, 260 cases ages 18-25, 468 cases ages 26-40, 674 cases ages 41-64 and 432 cases ages 65 and older.

The department reported there's now 1,000 people under self-quarantine in Tulare County who are being monitored by public health officials.

Tulare County now also has a flatter curve in which the doubling time — the amount of time it takes for cases to double — is now considerable high. As of Monday the doubling time in Tulare County was 236.2 days.


Restaurants are allowed to be open for dine-in service at 50 percent capacity. The guidelines basically call for all employees to wear masks. The guidelines also essentially call for all customers to wear masks and for customers to place masks in small bags when eating. Restaurants are also essentially called on to place a sign that strongly urges customers to wear a mask.

Tulare County guidelines essentially call for all public places to post signage that strongly urges people to wear masks when entering their place of business.

Hair salons and barbershops are also among the places that are allowed to open and the guidelines also essentially call for all employees and customers to wear masks at those places as well.

The following places are still not allowed to open under California guidelines:

Nail salons, tattoo parlors, gyms and fitness studios, indoor museums, libraries, zoos, community centers, playgrounds and public pools, entertainment venues such as movie theaters, nightclubs, concert venues, festivals, live audience sports, theme parks, hotels for tourism and higher education.

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