With one exception, the overall numbers when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic in Tulare County remained encouraging on Friday.

Tulare County Health and Human Services reported a huge increase of the number of people in the county who have recovered after testing positive for COVID-19. That number increased by 144 from 1,126 on Thursday to 1,370 on Friday.

There was also a significant decrease in the number of active cases in Tulare County. The department reported on Friday there were 654 active cases, a decrease of 111 from the 765 that was reported on Thursday.

The department also reported no new deaths on Friday. The number of deaths in Tulare County due to COVID-19 remained the same at 92.

The increase in the total number of COVID-19 cases in Tulare County was also relatively low. The department reported there has now been 2,116 COVID-19 cases in Tulare County as of Friday, an increase of 33 over the 2,083 that was reported on Thursday.

The number of hospitalized COVID-19 cases remained about the same at 37 in Tulare County. Of those cases, eight were in intensive care.

One drawback that came on Friday was the number of nursing home COVID-19 cases as there was a significant increase up to 372.

The number of people in self-quarantine who are being monitored by public health officials also slightly decreased from 1,000 on Thursday to 995 on Friday.

The department reported there has been 179 cases in Southeastern Tulare County, which includes Porterville. The department's official tally for Lindsay remained the same at 121.

There have been 290 cases in Tulare, 394 cases in Dinuba, 61 cases in Southwestern Tulare County, five cases in foothill/mountain communities, 73 cases in Farmersville, 22 cases in Exeter, 11 cases in Goshen, 22 cases in Ivanhoe, 12 cases in Traver, 11 cases in the Reedley area, 11 cases in Orange Cove and 17 cases in Woodlake. The rest of the cases are in Visalia.

Thirty-two cases have been reported as travel-related, 1,088 cases are due to person-to-person contact and 996 are under investigation.

There have been 179 cases ages 0-17, 267 cases ages 18-25, 497 cases ages 26-40, 722 cases ages 41-64 and 451 cases ages 65 and older.

Tulare County's doubling time remains relatively high at 57.4 days which continues to indicate a flattening curve of COVID-19 cases. The doubling time measures the amount of days it would take for COVID-19 cases to double.

With a population of about 470,000 people, the total number of cases in Tulare County has reached nearly 4.5 per 1,000, which is .45 percent.

As of 4 p.m. Thursday, Sierra View Medical Center reported it had 43 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including six COVID-19 inpatient cases. Sierra View has had 12 deaths due to COVID-19.

The hospital reported as of Wednesday it has had 1,222 tests conducted while 4,595 tests have been conducted at the Tulare County testing lab.

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