Tulare County Health and Human Services reported five more deaths in the county over the weekend due to COVID-19.

As of noon Monday the department reported a total of 89 deaths in Tulare County due to COVID-19. The department also reported there has been a total of 1,897 COVID-19 cases in Tulare County. That's an increase of 53 cases over the weekend from the 1844 that was reported on Friday.

The department also reported a substantial increase of the number of people who tested positive for COVID-19 who have recovered. As of noon Monday, the department reported there are now 984 people who have recovered from the coronavirus, an increase of 72 over the 912 that was reported on Friday.

So the number of active cases in Tulare County has decreased from 848 on Friday to 824 on Monday.

The department reported on Monday there has been a total of 348 confirmed COVID-19 cases at nursing homes in Tulare County. The department also reported there was one suspected COVID-19 case in nursing homes on Monday in Tulare County.

The department reported 14 percent of beds in nursing homes are available in Tulare County. The department reported there are no beds available at Porterville's Sierra Valley Rehab, one of the nursing homes in Tulare County that had a COVID-19 outbreak.

The department reported there has been 160 cases in Southeastern Tulare County, which includes Porterville. The department's official tally for Lindsay was 118 cases.

There have been 250 cases in Tulare and 368 cases in Dinuba. There have been three cases in foothill/mountain communities, 41 cases in Southwestern Tulare County, 71 cases in Farmersville, 22 cases in Exeter, 11 cases in Goshen, 21 cases in Ivanhoe, 11 cases in Traver, 15 cases in Woodlake, 11 cases in the Reedley area and 11 cases in Orange Cove. The number of cases in Visalia are in the 700-800 range.

The department reported there are 1,008 people in Tulare County who are under self-quarantine and being monitored by public health officials.

The department reported there have been 151 cases ages 0-17, 242 were 18-25, 437 were ages 26-40, 640 were ages 41-64 and 427 were ages 65 and older. The department reported 1.6 percent of the cases were travel related, 51 percent were due to person-to-person contact and 47.3 percent were still under investigation.

The department also reported the county continues to meet all eight standards when it comes to meeting state guidelines for reopening businesses.

The percentage of all those being tested for COVID-19 who test positive is below 8 percent, which meets the state guidelines. The 7-day hospitalization rate for COVID-19 is also below the level set by the state.

The department also reported nursing homes in the county have enough personal protective equipment to last 17 days, which meets the state guideline of 14 days.

The county can provide temporary housing for 19 percent of the homeless population which meets the state guideline of 15 percent.

The department also the county meets the state guidelines for testing, testing site availability, being read for a possible surge of hospital patients and having enough contact tracing staff.

Tulare County is now basically in Stage 2.5 of reopening businesses, which includes restaurants that can now open to dine-in services at 50 percent of capacity when submitted a plan to the county.

Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to announce this week plans for some counties to enter stage 3, which would include how such places as movie theaters could begin to open.

All of the information on the county's status when it comes to COVID-19 can be found at the Tulare County Health and Human Services COVID-19 dashboard at https://covid19.tularecounty.ca.gov/#covidcontent

As of 11 p.m. Sunday, Sierra View Medical Center reported it has 38 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including six inpatient coronavirus cases.

Sierra View has reported it has had 12 deaths due to COVID-19. The hospital reported it has had 883 tests conducted as of Thursday and there have been 4,056 tests conducted at the Tulare County testing lab as of Thursday.

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