I love Max Lucado and I love his  book, “Anxious for Nothing.” Scripture is so clear on the topic of worry, and Max has beautifully, and accessibly, laid out a plan for dealing with the stress that can rule, and ruin our lives.

“Anxious for Nothing” is a profound and prophetic message for everyone in these chaotic times. Max reminds us that we can trust God in all things. He is good, he does good, and he is working all things together for your good and His Glory. Fear, terror, and uncertainty cripple so many, this book will help you to step into the future with faith and hope.

In a world filled with fear and anxiety, the bestselling author reminds us of the inner peace that transcends the chaos. A must-read, as you navigate the noise of daily living.

Despite decades of success as a writer and teacher, Max never settles for simply going through the motions. He always meets readers right where they are. In “Anxious for Nothing,” Max acknowledges the power of anxiety but also reminds us that there is hope to overcome it.

Wouldn’t it be great to live a life without fear? How about living a life without anxiety? The good news is that it is possible and the answer is in the Word of God. Max uses scripture to explain how you can take a stand against anxiety, worry, and fear and live a life filled with hope, peace, and faith.

“Be not afraid nor dismayed,”  was the Lord’s personal word to Joshua, though already assured of victory, his heart was still fretfully human. Your heart, too, might be trembling today. God has a personal word for you. Max puts it into plain view and makes it easy to understand. It will encourage you.

Anxiety never plays favorites. That’s why every person in every stage of life needs some practical help to identify and overcome its devastating power. Max’s biblical approach provides the tools you need to regain control of your life and bring a sense of calm to the chaos inside.

Pastor Lucado has a way with words that graciously invites each and every one of us in to his living room for an honest and Christ-centered conversation about the Word of God. This book is all that and more addressing a topic that affects us all. He will pastorally and strategically lead you to victory and freedom over what he describes as the war on worry.

Worry tries to grab all of us and hold us tight, but Max offers real steps and genuine truth to help us get out of the grasp of anxiety and live a more peaceful life.

Thomas Nelson Publisher is the publisher of “Anxious for Nothing.”


Paul Leavens is the Minister of Lindsay Christian Church. Visit the church website at www.lindsaychristianchurch.org.

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