Jan. 28 was our first anniversary of living in Michigan. Even though the year has gone by fast, it still seems like eons ago that Al and I sold our home in California. It was on Friday, Jan. 27, 2017 that we packed our suitcases, locked up the empty house, said a final “good-bye” to our neighbors, put the dogs in the back of the car and drove down to the Los Angeles airport.  

The moving van had come the day before and was going on ahead of us. The driver projected that it would take about two weeks, with several more stops to make before reaching our new house in Beverly Hills. On Friday, we planned to drop off the car at a car hauling business near the LAX and then fly out with the dogs. 

My youngest brother, Jack, helped immensely by meeting us at the car-hauler facility after work. After leaving our car there, Jack took us out to dinner. Little did our pets, who waited in his truck, dream what was going to happen a short time later when Jack took us over to the huge cargo area of the airport and helped assemble their large plastic crates. 

The flight wasn’t leaving until about 11 p.m., but the dogs had to be there three hours early! They balked at getting in the crates, scared and confused. With some feelings of anxiety, we left them in the cargo building and rode with Jack to the terminal. After a fast, smooth flight, the Delta jet landed very early the next morning. It was nice watching the sunrise through the windows of the plane on the way east — a new day, a new beginning. 

Our daughter Shanda met us at the Detroit Metropolitan airport and then transported us to another building where the crates had been taken. The dogs didn’t seem traumatized, but were still very happy to see us and get out of their cages. From there, we drove to a dog kennel and once more left Teddy and TJ, while we went home with Shanda for several days.  

Gradually our lives came back together piece by piece without any major setbacks. First, the car was delivered, then the furniture and finally, the dogs were brought home. Mission accomplished! We were so thankful, knowing that God had orchestrated the move. 

On the day of our one year anniversary, I asked Al if he felt like his life was right side up yet. “Well, not quite right side up,” he responded. “But we’re making progress!” Just thinking about all of the things that had to be changed and details taken care of was enough to make a person feel dizzy! 

Looking back on it, the move would have been impossible had it not been for so many people helping us in addition to Jack and Shanda.  All of my siblings, their spouses, kids and a number of their grandchildren as well as friends and neighbors pitched in.  Many kindhearted folks fed us the week before the move too. 

There were many others who also played important roles during that time and who have helped enormously throughout this whole first year, including those who prayed! No way could we have done it alone, that’s for sure. We are thankful for each of them and for their willingness to help.

In his letter to the followers of Christ in the city of Corinth, the apostle Paul compared the totality of Christians, the “church,” to a human body. Just as the human body is comprised of a myriad of different parts functioning together and benefits when every part is at peak performance, so the entire church benefits when Christians use the gifts and fulfill the calling that God has given them. When the “church” is united and healthy, serving others in love, daunting tasks can be accomplished! 

Thank you Lord for those who serve you. Please use us, your body, to do your work here on earth. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” — 1Cor. 12:27 NIV”

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” — Matthew 6:9b NIV


Judy Lowery lives in Michigan. The Good News column appears regularly in The Porterville Recorder. You can read more at Judy’s blog, goodnewswithjudy.blogspot.com.

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