Joy Collier is now the Exclusive Artist at the Porterville Art Association located at 151 North Main Street, Porterville.

She's a California Landscape Artist specializing in original Giant Sequoia; Central Valley; Dessert, and Abstract Acrylic Paintings. Joy is inspired by nature and her own photography. 

She's a Porterville local artist who paints in a post-impressionistic style with an emphasis on accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities. “I feel free to go back to my roots to create lots and lots of art, and to share the incredible gifts I’ve been given with anyone interested through this awesome tool called the World Wide Web.” I was taught to paint “'what smiles at you.'”

Collier paints outdoors mixing paints on her palette. Her main subjects are the landscape of every day still life. Joy’s large canvases depict life in the local Sierra’s giant Sequoias. She adds wildlife subjects such as bears climbing trees, cows walking, eagles soaring in the sky, and people enjoying the snow. “The Central Valley and the Sequoias are always smiling at me,” Collier said. “They are constant inspiration to me; they offer an endless variety of rich forms, colors and textures to explore.”  

She's well known for her masterpieces of trees and groves in Yosemite, Desertscapes from Death Valley and Red Rock Canyon, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, National Forest Groves such as the Trail of 100 Giants and their habitat.

I am in love with the natural world around me but not just with the actual place but the shapes and the colors and the moods that it stirs in me,” Collier said.

Joy credits her mother for finding her an art teacher when she was in her junior year in high school. “My teacher’s name was Janet Church and she changed my life,” Collier said. “Not only did she teach me the tools to paint from life but maybe more importantly a way to think, a way to use my brain and a love of the growth process. She taught me to love learning.”

Collier’s masterpieces are on display at the gallery Wednesday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. from now through January.

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