Friant-Kern Canal

This image captured from TCSO drone footage taken near where the Friant-Kern Canal passes under Ave. 196 shows the extent of the flooding in Strathmore this weekend when a back flow valve failed, causing a leach pipe running under the canal to become plugged with dirt and gravel.

TCSO taking precautions with storms planned this week

On Friday night after a clogged pipe under the Friant Kern Canal caused massive amounts of water to invade the roads of Strathmore, Tulare County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) Deputies were on scene where flooding was a major problem. 

The water that flooded the roads was moving in a south west direction to Road 232 and Taylor Road, between Avenue 194 and 196.  A voluntary evacuation was put into place at the time. 

Tulare County Fire, Red Cross, Animal Control and Friant Kern Canal Authorities reported to the scene to assist with some relief efforts.

The Red Cross set up in the Family Dollar Store on Avenue 196 and Road 228 to assist those who had evacuated their flooded homes.

An Emergency Operations Center was set up at Strathmore High School after the flooding incident. The emergency center demobilized once the water had receded and the leak that caused the flooding was repaired.

The leak was caused when a leach pipe going under the canal had a failure in the back flow valve. The accumulation of dirt and gravel plugged it up.

Only one person reported to the shelter at Strathmore High School.

In anticipation of this week’s storm, TCSO has ordered four more pallets of sandbags to restock the supply. 

TCSO also urges the public to continue to use caution in this area.

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