At the Porterville City Council Meeting on November 15 the Porterville City Council authorized a Cooperative Agreement between the City of Porterville and the County of Tulare for the Avenue 152 Over Tule River Bridge Project.

The partnership resulted from the need to replace the bridge along Avenue 152, Olive Avenue, over the Tule River between the Friant-Kern Canal and Westwood Street. The recommended proposal is to replace the existing two-lane bridge with a new four-lane bridge, two lanes in each direction, and to reconstruct the approaching roadways. The project is in line with the City of Porterville 2030 General Plan and the Porterville Area Community Plan, which is part of the County of Tulare 2030 General Plan, and is intended to increase mobility, reduce congestion, and improve traffic flow in the area.  

The planned construction of the new bridge resulted from structural deficiencies in the current bridge. The City and the County will share the costs of replacing the bridge.

Funding will be provided by the Tulare County Association of Governments for construction of the project that isn't eligible for federal funding. The City will dedicate more than $5 million of available Regional Measure R funding for its share of the project.  

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