Porterville is growing slowly by the acre, and locals who once lived on county land are now official residents of the City of Porterville.

On Wednesday, the annexation of a 22.9 acre parcel of land located at the northeast corner of Olive Avenue and Conner Street, near Granite Hills High School, was approved at the Tulare County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) meeting in Visalia. 

The commission, comprised of Tulare County city representatives including Porterville Mayor Martha Flores, met at 2 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Chambers at the County Administrative Building in Visalia to discuss several matters, but the item most local to the city was the annexation of nearly 23 acres on the east side of Porterville.

The site in question is described in the meeting’s staff report as “generally flat with a slight westward slope consistent with the terrain of the City of Porterville.” This means the land being annexed is similar to the land that comprises most of Porterville. The land is also within the adopted urban development boundaries between the city and the county, which made the annexation a likely option.

The staff reports also states the annexation will affect 11 homes and 35 people, based off of 2010 Census data. Of these 35 people, more than 12 of them are registered voters, which is a factor looked at when the commission is deciding whether to annex the land or not. Other factors that influenced the decision included the size of the land, whether it’s primarily surrounded by city limits already and development opportunities.

Additional factors needed to be addressed before the annexation could take place. These include things like police and fire protection, street lighting and maintenance and business licenses. The newly annexed portion of the city will receive police and fire protection from the Porterville Police Department and the Porterville Fire Department. Residents in the area will be connected to the city’s water, if requested, and the city will handle the sewage disposal services. Street lighting will be handled by Southern California Edison, and the streets will be maintained by the city. If any future site planning or zoning is to happen, the city will handle the proceedings. 

Although the residents are currently served by Western Waste Management for the garbage disposal services, the city will take over those services, unless the resident prefer to keep Western Waste Management. Porterville Fire Department will be in charge of code enforcement in the area, as well as fire inspections, and any future business licenses that may be requested would be processed through the city’s finance department, rather than the county tax collector. 

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