On Sunday morning, around 11 a.m., reports of a child struck by a vehicle caused the Porterville Police Department (PPD), the Porterville Fire Department (PFD), EMTs and the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) to rush to Murry Park.

Eye witnesses at the scene said a driver of a brown 4-door Honda Accord was pulled over by a police officer. After unknown reasons, the driver of the Honda fled from the officer at high rates of speed, plowing straight through the middle of Murry Park.

A family, enjoying their day in the sun, soon found themselves victims of the careless driver, as a child who was playing just south of the duck pond was struck by the vehicle. According to the witness, screams rang out, but the driver of the Honda failed to stop.

The Honda continued its pursuit by driving over the curb, near the playground at the west of the park, and barreling down the street towards Plano Avenue.

PFD and EMT’s arrived on scene shortly after to tend to the child. Any injuries sustained were unknown at the time of the report.

TCSO and PPD had staked out several blocks in search of the driver. Air assistance was called in to assist in the search.

It is unknown at press time if the driver of the Honda was apprehended.

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