The Tule River Economic Development Corporation will be entering the recreational and medical marijuana business soon.

Construction is now on going for the Eh-Lo dispensary to be located adjacent just to the southeast of the Eagle Feather Trading Post off of Highway 190. Tule River Economic Development Corporation CEO Dennis Ickes said it’s hoped the dispensary will be open as soon as April.

The 4,000-square foot building will include a 1,500-foot square foot show room. Ickes said the recreation and medical marijuana products sold at the dispensary will be typical of what’s offered at most dispensaries.

He said there are two reasons for the dispensary with a major reason to develop revenue to deal with the housing shortage at the Tule River Reservation. Ickes said revenue from the dispensary will be used to develop housing for Tule River Reservation residents.

The dispensary won’t be under state regulations but will be under Tribal regulations, which are more stringent, Ickes said. He said the dispensary will be regulated in a similar way as Tribal casinos, essentially meaning there will be around-the-clock oversight of the dispensary.

Ickes said the other reason for the dispensary is to create jobs. He said there will be more than 30 part-time and full-time employees at the dispensary. He added while all of the employees won’t come from the reservation, many of them will.

He also said all of the products will come from California tribes or will be “made in house.” All cannabis growers used to supply products will come from California tribes. 

All those who supply products for the dispensary must be licensed through Tribal regulations. Ickes said a vendor list is now being developed for the dispensary.

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