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Burton School District will offer more education choices than ever before to Porterville area students when it incoporates a new academy to its curriculum next year at Summit Charter Collegiate Academy.

“ADDI (Academy of Digital Design and Innovation) is our newest academy addition to Summit Charter Collegiate Academy. It is designed for students who wish to develop creative, technical skills as a way to spark innovation. The goal of ADDI is to give students the confidence and skills necessary to create a business/organization proposal by the end of their senior year,” said Roberto Escudero, director of Multi-Media & Communications for Burton School District.

Escudero has been the multimedia specialist at Burton School District for four years, and he will be leading the academy with five other teachers on the design team, including Garrett Thomas in video production, Sharon Turner in digital design, Carolynn Conner in photography digital design, and pre-academy middle school teachers Fernando Gonzalez in Video/photography and Sam Novinger in Video/photography.

BSD students are currently learning the fundamentals of design concepts in ninth grade, which is regarded as an exploratory year to see what their interests are in digital media.

“Our district promotes the arts,” said Escudero. “All the arts. Performing arts, the digital film festival, and in middle and elementary schools. Students can learn in elective classes drawing and painting, and design.”

The ADDI is an application-only four-year program with an interdisciplinary and cross-curricular approach designed for students who wish to develop their creative, technical and entrepreneurship skills in the media arts fields.

The vision of the academy is to empower students to believe, design, and manifest their ideas for tomorrow, and will graduate leaders who collaborate, communicate, an problem-solve and actively create.

BSD is recruiting students using online applications for the academy. The first class will be ninth graders, who will move through the academy for four years. The academy works in conjunction with regular school, and students do not have to be a Burton School District student to attend the academy. ADDI is similar to Pathways, but the academy is a CTE pathway in media arts, encouraging technical and creative skills. 

 ADDI  students will actively engage in creative problem-solving methods in core areas of digital media/design.

They will explore their creative potential through industry and state-of-the-art media. They will demonstrate innovation and design thinking within a collaborative and creative environment. And they will learn to apply digital media, design and entrepreneurship skills to build a solid foundation in venture management.

The academy uses design, technology and business — three essential industries of the future —  as a way to help students spark innovation in a creative economy.

“Burton is promoting Summit Charter Collegiate Academy’s two new academies, the Academy of Digital Design and Innovation, College Prep Academy, and the Early College Academy. We believe the continued partnership with Porterville College will enhance our Academies. Last year, we graduated two students from Porterville College with Associate Degrees, this year we have five students receiving Associate Degrees. We plan to build that to a class size of graduates. We are building cohorts of students that will be supported by staff and students will support each other. Come join Summit Charter Collegiate Academy,” said BSD Superintendent Sergio Mendoza. 

Escudero said the academy will probably have a new or renovated design studio for next school year.

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