Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux issued a statement on Facebook on Thursday morning regarding information about protests being placed on social media.

“Please do not alarm yourselves with much of the false information that is out there but don't ignore anything,” Boudreaux posted.

Boudreaux also said. “We appreciate peaceful protest and that is mostly what we have seen.

“I know this is a time of uncertainty. There is a great deal of social media information regarding protests that are alarming. I have received many messages from concerned citizens.”

He added “the amount of intelligence coming into your local law enforcement is staggering.” He also said “the community has been amazing with information.

“We have strong communities in Tulare County. We have supportive communities, families, and leaders.”

Boudreaux also stated he and police chiefs in the county speak to each other and share gathered intelligence on a daily basis and sometimes multiple times a day.

“Rest assured we are prepared and responsible,” Boudreaux said. “We know you trust your local law enforcement.”

He also stated. “Continue to report vital information to your local Law Enforcement. The safety of our community and emergency responders will always be our priority.”

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