Legislation that would provide $200 million for much needed repairs to the Friant-Kern Canal has moved one more step to becoming reality.

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday passed the Moving Forward Act, a $1.5 trillion package to fund infrastructure needs in the country. The Senate still needs to pass the legislation and then it needs to be signed by President Trump for it to become law.

Included in the Moving Forward Act, H.R. 2, are two pieces of legislation that provide funding for Friant-Kern Canal repairs and clean drinking water for low-income rural communities in the Western U.S.

H.R. 5316, the Move Water Now Act which is part of H.R. 2, would provide $200 million for repairs of the Friant-Kern Canal and an additional $200 million for related river restoration infrastructure. Friant Water Authority chief executive officer Jason Phillips has estimated $450 million to $600 million is needed to repair the Friant-Kern Canal.

Also included in H.R. 2 is H.R. 5347, the Disadvantaged Community Drinking Water Assistance Act, which would provide $100 million for clean drinking water projects for low-income, rural communities in the Western U.S.


I was proud to join my colleagues today to pass the Moving Forward Act, the largest infrastructure package in a generation,” Re. T.J. Cox-D, who sponsored H.R. 5316 and H.R. 5347. “I am especially proud that the package included two water priorities for the Central Valley that will help hardworking families get access to cleaner drinking water, and fix the Friant-Kern Canal. 


This legislation is important for the entire nation to fix crumbling infrastructure and help rebuild communities from coast to coast. I call on my colleagues in the Senate to work with us to pass this key piece of legislation without delay so we can get to work rebuilding this country.” 


Another major piece of the legislation is $130 billion that would be provided for renovation and modernization of school facilities in low-income areas designed to protect the health and safety of students and educators.


Another major component of the package is $100 billion to provide affordable high-speed broadband internet access to the entire country.


Also included in the package is rebuilding the nation's transportation infrastructure, including $250 million for the Rebuild Rural Program, providing funding for highways in rural areas.


The package also includes funding to upgrade childcare facilities, modernize energy infrastructure and modernize the nation's health care system.


The package also provides funding for the United States Postal Service. In addition, the package is designed to reduce housing inequality and to promote investments and job creation in communities across the U.S.



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