Monache High School Agriculture program.

Students from Monache High School cultivate their own plants in a greenhouse as part of the Agriculture program. The school is hoping to receive funding this year to expand the ag program and its facilities.

We are nearly a month into 2019, and big things are still to come for Porterville Unified School District (PUSD).

With plans to expand programs with new buildings and integrate new technologies into learning pathways, the district has much in store for its students.

As part of a Career Technical Education (CTE) grant that was received last year, PUSD has devised a plan to build a Justice Center building at Granite Hills High School for students who have decided to follow the Law, Justice, and Ethics (LJE) Pathway. The new Justice Center will feature additional classrooms and a full-scale working courtroom, so students will be able to fully immerse themselves in the realities of a law career. The start date for this project has yet to be announced.

Similar to the Justice Center for Granite Hills High School, PUSD is waiting to see if more CTE funding will be available to help fund a project at Monache High School. If the funding is received by PUSD, it would create a significant expansion of facilities for the high school’s Agriculture department, and would benefit the district’s Manufacturing and Construction Technology Academy (MCTA) Pathway.

Porterville Military Academy (PMA) will be incorporating a STEMPilot curriculum for their learners, complete with the purchase of a flight simulator. PMA is adventuring into an expansion of an aviation pilot pathway that will utilize STEAM education throughout the curriculum. PUSD has been partnering with Edwards Air Force Base with several STEAM-related projects through the Pathways office.

The Butterfield Charter Complex will be adding the Prospect Education Center and Vine Street Community Day School, as well as an additional building for the Porterville Adult School. These moves will be complete by late spring or summer. The move will enable PUSD to combine several schools to one central location allowing for a more efficient usage of resources, including counseling and specialists. PUSD will also be incorporating two additional programs to provide additional support for students in an intervention role.

PUSD has a goal to incorporate STEAM labs into every elementary school in collaboration with the Future Ready Lab. So far, PUSD has (or will have) completed STEAM labs in eight of the ten elementary schools in the district. The Future Ready Lab will continue to expand its programs as PUSD looks for ways to have non-PUSD schools in the area utilize the facility.

PUSD continues to increase their dual and concurrent enrollment classes through Porterville College, which gives students the opportunity to gain college credits while in high school, which will save them money on tuition in the future.

PUSD continues their partnership with the City of Porterville to build houses on city-owned lots. Last year, the project produced a house just west of Porterville High School, and the plan is to start on another house project that will combine all 14 of the district’s Pathways.

As 2019 continues on, PUSD plans to stay busy. With an abundance of future projects and plans, nothing but excitement and productivity is in store for PUSD and its learners.

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