On Saturday morning a small group of locals came together to march in support of Huu Tieu, president and CEO of Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical (GSN), who was arrested in July after a federal grand jury returned a five-count indictment on the company. Tieu was charged with mail fraud and introducing a misbranded drug into interstate commerce with the intent to defraud.The indictment states from April 25 through July 9, Tieu marketed and sold the herbal mixtures as the “Emergency D-Virus Plan for Care,” which he claimed treated COVID-19.

On Saturday morning, Tieu supporters and those who take GSN products gathered at Centennial Park on Main Street, before marching to the company’s headquarters at 9 a.m. While walking, participants encouraged those driving by to honk their horns by waving their signs as the vehicles passed. 

We put together a march to allow locals to come out and do something from their heart to support Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical, so they can feel like they are doing something,” said Jeanne Schuyler, the event coordinator. “People are feeling a little helpless and very concerned. They don’t know what’s going on.”

Once the participants had regrouped at GSN, Karen Thompson read a letter she wrote to Congressman Kevin McCarthy urging him to return the products from GSN that are needed by the company’s patients.

The brochure I received from [McCarthy] the other day said you were working with H.R. 19, The Lower Cost, More Cures Act,” siad Thompson. “I understand that H.R. 19 is the solution to protect the development of new therapies and cures for COVID-19. Now, I want to share my thoughts about something that is happening in Porterville today…

Huu Tieu has done everything required by law to help people get better. His products have made a huge difference in my life. My doctors told me they didn’t know what was wrong with me. They told me to wait and see while they ran more tests. I didn’t want to wait and see.  Indeed something that worked now! That’s when I was introduced to two of Huu’s products, ImunStem and Aktiffvate. Since then, over three years ago now, my health has been amazing...

If everyone’s health was good, we would be a wealthy country with motivation to prosper and raise our families like we’re supposed too. “We the People” of this great nation want the right to choose the treatment options for our health conditions. We choose ImunStem and Aktiffvate, and we vote for the leaders who protect our health.

Please exercise your power as our Congressman and return to us all the products from GSN.”

After Thompson read her letter, Sylvia Harral stood before the group to explain what had happened with Tieu.  Harral was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury in July in Tieu’s case.

I received a subpoena and I was to appear before the grand jury in Fresno on July 16,” said Harral. “On July 9, the prosecutors went to the grand jury, presented their case and the grand jury wrote up their indictment based on whatever they had given them. On July 14, they walked into GSN and handcuffed Huu and took him, just two days before we were supposed to be at the scheduled trial.”

Harral said that once Tieu was arrested, it was up to his patients to do something about it. She said the prosecution attorney’s were demanding the case be seen in court as soon as possible.

They have the right to do that,” said Harral. “They brought in a judge, attorneys, the prosecutor and Huu, he was there in handcuffs. They had a hearing. The judge looks at things and sees that there is no evidence that what is in the indictment is true. The judge set him free, with no bail, but turned to the prosecutors and asked what their conditions would be. The prosecutors said that Huu could not sell or give away any of his products. They took it all away, so now it’s up to us to go to our Congressman and get it back for us.”

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