Angel Tree

Your Angel hangs on a branch of the Angel Tree in the Recorder office lobby.

When the Recorder staff began discussing the idea of an Angel Tree for this holiday season, we initially thought we’d get receive about 50 boys and girls to ‘adopt’ to a giving community member.

It turns out that number is quite a bit bigger, but so are the hearts of Porterville residents. 

Since last Thursday, we have had 82 ‘Angels’ adopted.  We are so thankful, but we still have 52 more to go, and the deadline to help these special children is coming up quickly. We need to have all the gifts back by December 14 in order to get them delivered in time for Christmas. So please, if you have not come in and picked up your Angel, please do so. We do not want to have any of the Angels not be picked. 

We need your help. Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year, and what makes it even more wonderful are those that give so that others will have a Merry Christmas. I have seen how giving the Porterville area is just in the past few months that I have been the Publisher of the Recorder. 

Because of your efforts, 82 boys and girls (and counting) will have a happier Christmas. Because you cared, these children will have a reason to smile on that most special of days. 

Please stop by today, 52 more children need you. I know you will not let them down. My prayer is that your days will be brighter, your Christmas merrier and your life blessed because you cared enough to help those that could not help themselves.