All of Alta Vista School's students are on track to receive high speed internet as part of a service proved by the Tulare County Office of Education.

The new Central California Learning Network was created by TCOE to provide high-speed internet access for students at little to no cost  and is now serving the Alta Vista School District.

Alta Vista School was one of the first districts to receive an antenna last fall. Tulare County Superintendent of Schools Tim Hire shared with the Tulare County Board of Education last week wireless service was now reaching more than 95 percent of Alta Vista families.

“I’m told that with some fine tuning, the antenna will soon reach 100 percent of the district’s homes,” he said.

Prior to the installation of the antenna, the district brought students on campus in small cohorts to utilize the school’s internet. Several weeks ago, the district distributed 40 hotspots to students who didn't have internet access at home.

“The new hotspots and the new higher speed internet access will increase connectivity and reliability,” said Dr. Rob Hudson, superintendent of Alta Vista School. “This new access will allow students to work from home utilizing district security protocols so that we can focus our on-campus support to those students with the most severe needs.”

Through the CCLN, TCOE helped the district overcome several critical areas of concern, including raising the antenna, integrating the transmitter into the school’s system, and providing overall access to the internet for students so they can now work from home utilizing the new hotspots.

“We look forward to integrating this technological surge into our learning process beyond the COVID-19 crisis,” Hudson added.

The CCLN is a project of the Information Systems program. For more information about its development, contact Dr. Wayne Lacy at


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