All hands were on deck at Country Pleasures on Main Street Thursday. A score of volunteers were helping collect signatures as part of a petition drive to recall Governor Gavin Newsom.

Volunteers manned signing booths outside of the store, as well as one inside, so people could walk up to sign their name for the petition.

Anna Carl, a coordinator for the petition drive, welcomed those willing to sign, and handed out lists of reasons why Gov. Newsom should be recalled.

“When Gov. Gavin Newsom started opening up our borders, which I don’t mind, but they have to come in the right way,” said Carl. “If you’re coming in breaking the law, what makes you think you’re not going to break the law when you’re here. So that’s where it started. He’s trying to take our guns away. It’s a mind thing. He can’t even clean up a city. It’s OK to ban plastic straws, but yet the needles and everything else are on the ground. Now, they are getting washed into the oceans. He can’t even run his own city, much less an entire state.”

Other reasons that encouraged Carl and her group of volunteers to begin their petition drive include high gas taxes, reduction of support for police, skyrocketing poverty rates and releasing violent felons back into the community by changing the definition of violent crimes.

By 11 a.m., Carl and her team had collected nearly 100 signatures from the Porterville community. And they plan to come back for more. Carl said this isn’t the only time the petition drive will come to Porterville, it’s only round one. She didn’t share any definitive dates, but assured she and her team would be back for more.

The first phase of the petition drive needed 100,000 votes to be collected throughout California. Tulare County alone needed 1,000 votes for the petition to head into it’s second phase. Within three days, Carl said she had collected 976 signatures, nearly all of the votes needed for the region.

Now, Carl has until February to reach 1.5 million signatures. However, in her opinion, the more signatures the better.

For each signature she received on Thursday, Carl would rattle off a cow bell, announcing to those within hearing distance she was one more signature closer to her goal. 

“We need to recall him like they did Gray Davis,” said Carl.

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