Boys and Girls Club of the Sequoias Program Leader Luz Hernandez at Burton Elementary, and volunteer Gabriella Hernandez, helped nine 4th graders, who are nine and 10 year olds, set up their simple equipment for Cardio Drumming outside near the playground under the trees on Wednesday, October 30.

Gabriella put on some upbeat music after she conferred with the kids, and they started enthusiastically using drumsticks and kept the beat to the music, pounding on large exercise balls kept stationary in large plastic buckets. 

The whole contraption looks odd, but makes total sense when you see the smiles and fun these students are having. While keeping the beat, they do jumping jacks, move around the drum, and kick it all up a notch.

“Cardio Drumming is really fun, “said Anthony Luna, 9, “When we started I thought it was boring. But then we listened to “Baby Shark” and drummed to it, and we all had a lot of fun. 

“I’d like to teach other people how to do it. You have to get into the rhythm and the music has to be upbeat and fun.”


Luna’s classmate, Natalie Perez, was really excited to be interviewed, all the students were. She said, “I like the exercise of cardio drumming. And we also lose salt out of our bodies, our teacher told us that. 

‘It also makes us feel good, and we usually do the drumming in our classroom.

I think older people could do this exercise,too.”

All of the students had something to say about cardio drumming and the Boys and Girls Club and wanted to share it. 

Ecko Mendoza, 10, said, “The exercise is good for kids because they drink a lot of soda, eat candy, and chips. Cardio drumming takes salt out, and exercise it important. It’s also fun and we get to do squats, and jump around a lot. We listen to the beat and use drumsticks to keep the rhythm. Exercising and moving the muscles and bones in our bodies.”

Angelina Avina, said, “I like the Boys and Girls Club and the food is good.”


Brayden Hernandez, said, “With the cardio drumming exercise, you lose weight and have fun at the same time. And I like the club because it’s a safe place, and I’ve made a lot of friends here.”

His friend Jordan Velasquez, said, “The cardio drumming keeps you busy, and the Boys and Girls Club teachers are pretty good. I get to make friends here, and not be stuck in the house.”

Sebastian Lara also said the drumming was fun, and “it keeps you exercising. I like the program because it is really supportive and the teachers don’t give up on you. I really like it.”

Leonel Carillo thoughtfully said he has made new friends at the club and enjoys playing with them, instead of having to go home and being alone. He also likes the cardio drumming.”

Luz said they come up with different activities every 8 weeks, but she is motivating all her staff to integrate the cardio drumming in their activity schedules.

“I was to make sure that Rocio Ramirez, who started the cardio drumming with the students, gets the credit for this innovative activity,” she said, “Rocio learned it from a friend and colleague, and the kids just love it.

It’s also really fun now, seeing the kids excited about the drumming. And after they are done here at school, they are talking to their parents about it and want to start it at home.

The kids also love the program and want to be here every day at the BGCS.”

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