A human interest story to beat many, 85-year-old Hubert Craig got a wish 

from a local family friend.

Craig had a pair of U.S. Army boots, not just any type of military boot, something special to him during his military service.

They were Corcoran Jump boots, usually worn by paratroopers, with a leather cap toe, that would shine up real well, according to Jay Faure, the son of Joe and Lucille Faure of Porterville.

Those boots would shine after the’d be polished and look real sharp,” said Jay, “and that’s probably why Hubert Craig got them.”

Jay said he has collected military memorabilia since he was about nine-years-old, things from World War I, World War II, and Korea, and he’s known the Craig family for years. He remembered he bought the boots, when he was going to yard sales to buy memorabilia, and at the time Hubert told him the story about the boots and remarked how special they were to him.

I don’t remember Jay telling me he had the boots,” said Pam Hughes, who owns Country Pleasures on Main Street and is Craig's daughter. “We just started talking, and he said, 'you know I have your Dad’s Army boots.' And I didn’t know.

As a matter of fact, the boots were on display at the Porterville Historical Museum in the military uniform exhibit, and Hughes and her grandchildren saw them there at Christmas time, when she took them to see the trains.

According to Hugh’s mother, Juanita Craig, Hubert Craig talked about those boots all the time, and wished he had never sold them. 

Along comes Jay Faure, a customer in Pam Hughes shop, and they were talking, and she mentioned the story, and Jay realized he still had the “boots” some 15 or more years later, and were part of Faure’s personal collection of military memorabilia he had on display at the museum. “I brought them back to Pam, and I felt like they should go back to Hubert, since they belong to him. And I was glad to do it.”

Jay brought them to me, so I could give them to Dad for Christmas,” said Hughes, “He was so surprised. And he knew exactly what they were, and said, 'How did you get these?' 

And I told him the whole story.”

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