As part of Porterville Unified School District pathway summer camps Manufacturing and Construction Technology Academy, MCTA, students at Monache spent last week constructing a garden shed.

The students worked four hours a day on the shed for 20 hours, which is all it took for them to complete the project, with exception of a door they will also place. The shed has also already been purchased at a reasonable price of $2,300, which covers the cost of the materials for the shed.

PUSD has received funding to make up for learning loss that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the programs that funding was used for was about 20 summer camps held for the district's pathway programs.

The camp in which the garden shed was built was actually a combination of camps. Students in industrial technology teacher Greg Hangar's metal camp also participated in the shed project. The camp in which he shed was built involved cabinetry students who were overseen by MCTA lead and teacher Tim Newby and construction students who were overseen by teacher Carl Scudder.

Eight students participated in the project: cabinetry students Kyleen Mitchel, Daniel Lopez, Maria Gamez and Matthew Strizic and construction students Angel Corona, Isis Alvarado, Marlene Silva and Gabriel Paredes.

The students did all the work in the shed from the framing, siding, flooring and roofing to the cabinetry. The shed also has electrical work done by the students and they placed a window in the shed as well.

The shed's cabinetry is complete with a workbench that has adjustable shelves, four drawers and a total of 16 compartments in which plenty of tools can be placed.

“These kids got to see a real world project,” Newby said. “I think it's great they get a real world project.”

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