Nearly 16,000 individual fireworks of varying types that are illegal have been confiscated in Porterville over the last month.

Over the last month, the Porterville Police Department has collaborated with the Porterville Fire Department and Porterville Code Enforcement in the effort that has led to the confiscation of the fireworks. The effort regards those engaged in sales of illegal fireworks and those who use illegal fireworks.

More than 500 boxes or packages containing nearly 16,000 individual fireworks that are illegal have been confiscated. The total weight of the confiscated fireworks exceeded 1,200 pounds.

Not only do these illegal fireworks pose a significant risk of injury to the user and those in the immediate area, they also pose a significant danger of causing structure and grass fires in surrounding areas,” the Porterville Police Department stated. “Additionally, the detonation of illegal fireworks can have a significant negative impact on people and animals as well.”

The confiscated fireworks were considered dangerous and haven't been deemed “Safe and Sane” by the California State Fire Marshal and don't bear the “Safe and Sane” seal. Examples of dangerous fireworks that aren't classified as “Safe and Sane” include mortar-style fireworks, Roman Candles, and bottle rockets.

In addition to potential criminal charges, those involved in sales of illegal fireworks or the of illegal fireworks or the illegal use of legal fireworks also face fines ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 as determined by a Porterville City Ordinance.

Those who are in charge of properties such as homeowners if it's determined they're responsible can also be fined.

All cases investigated so far by the Porterville Police Department have been submitted to Porterville Code Enforcement for the issuance of fines.

The operation when it comes to the enforcement of illegal fireworks violations will continue through Independence Day, July 4.

For further information regarding fireworks that fall under the category of dangerous fireworks,” please refer to Section 12505 of the California Health and Safety Code. 

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